10 Intentional Things to Do Every Day as a Homemaker to be successful

As a Christian female entrepreneur and a homemaker, homemaking may not be your primary job, but that doesn’t mean it should take a backseat. In fact, Titus 2 says we are to be busy at home so we have a call from God to make sure our homes are well cared for no matter what our entrepreneurial schedule may look like. Making intentional choices every day can make homemaking easier. This post provides an overview of ten simple tips that you can incorporate into your daily routine to become more intentional with your homemaking.

Set Goals for the Day

Setting goals for yourself is a great way to stay on track and make sure important tasks are taken care of. Identify what needs to get done for the day and prioritize tasks accordingly. This will help you stay focused and efficient throughout the day.

The most successful people plan ahead the night before or well beyond that. I know every Sunday my family and I sit down and have a family council where we map out our goals, events, meal prep, etc. for the entire week. It really helps get everyone on the same page and helps me feel more organized.

Start Your Day with Gratitude

Taking a few minutes each morning to be grateful and reflect can set the tone for a positive and productive day. Making this part of your morning routine will help you stay on track and approach each task with an attitude of gratitude.

Be sure to end your day with gratitude as well. I always recommend writing down 5 things you’re grateful for each day. This will really help set the tone in your family and help you appreciate the world around you. This practice is going to help you see how God is active and present in your life. Being a homemaker may feel mundane but it is far from it.

Plan Meals in Advance

Planning meals in advance can save time and energy throughout the week. Spend time on Sunday looking at recipes or websites like Pinterest, creating a grocery list, and then purchasing what you need so all ingredients are ready when it’s time to start cooking Monday night dinner! During our Family Council, we map out the whole week’s meals so I know what I need from the story Monday mornings and we’re off to the races. Plus, I never have to answer the question “what’s for dinner tonight?”

Create a Cleaning Schedule

The key here is consistency! Designate specific days or times to tackle certain areas of cleaning such as laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc., so that everything gets done regularly without feeling overwhelmed or having it all pile up on one particular day of the week.

I personally use the Fly Lady app to help me set a cleaning schedule. I didn’t have one honestly until this app. It makes my life 10x easier because I know what to do every single day and don’t have to think twice about it saving myself mental energy. As a homemaker, this is one thing I do not have to exert a ton of mental energy on.

Get Organized

Spend some time organizing closets, drawers, cabinets, etc., so that you know where everything is located when it comes time to use them again in the future! Having designated spots for items makes it much easier to find them quickly when needed instead of spending precious minutes searching for them around the house. The 10-minute-tidy is my best friend.

The concept of the 10-minute tidy is that for 10 minutes you do nothing else but tidy something. Pick a spot and clean it. We do this 3 times a day and it takes obviously no time at all. It goes super fast but you’d be surprised what you can accomplish in just 10 minutes.

The boys love this because it feels like a game. What can they accomplish in just 10 minutes? Everyone wins in this scenario.

Implement Productive Routines

Sticking with routines helps keep things organized and running smoothly in the home over time! Routines give structure to our lives which can reduce stress levels and improve efficiency when completing tasks throughout the day or week. It also helps us remember, as a homemaker, important tasks that we otherwise may have forgotten about due to being busy with other activities or events going on at home or in our personal lives at any given moment!

My life is pretty structured for this reason. Every Monday and Tuesday I have the same calls. Every Wednesday I see a doctor for my health concerns at the same time. I rarely take a meeting on a Friday so I can do all the cleaning in the morning. This lets my family relax and sleep in on the weekends. We get to just enjoy our time.

Find a routine that works for you and stick to it.

Take Time For Yourself

Don’t forget to take some “me-time” during your days as well! Whether it’s reading your favorite book before bedtime or taking an hour out of your week just for yourself – taking moments away from work-related projects or family responsibilities helps reset our mental state so we can come back feeling refreshed and recharged enough to tackle whatever lies ahead next on life’s journey!

For me, I love the show Ranch to Table on the Magnolia Network. I learn a lot and it feels like a super peaceful moment of quiet for me. Find something for yourself and enjoy it.

Connect With Others

Spending quality time with family members creates lasting memories that cannot be replaced by anything else in this world! Make sure family members are included in conversations while dinner is being cooked, playing board games together after dinner is finished (if there’s still energy left!), or even just watching television together – these small moments matter most when it comes down too really connecting with people who matter most in our lives!

If you need a community, come join me every Monday for a prayer call. Find the details here. As a homemaker who does not go outside the home very often, finding a community was important.

Practice Mindfulness

Being mindful means taking active steps towards staying present in any given moment instead of worrying about what’s coming up next on our schedule (or even worse – ruminating about past mistakes!). When done correctly mindfulness allows us to savor every moment we spend with friends/family/acquaintances while simultaneously allowing us to feel more satisfied with life overall because we’re not constantly rushing from one task to another without truly enjoying what’s happening right now before us!

One thing I do is the mushroom coffee I drink has a mindfulness part of their program. I get a text every morning to answer a prompt that allows me to reflect and enjoy. Plus, the mushrooms really help me stay focused and energized all day without the yucky feeling of coffee.

Care For Yourself

Caring for yourself is often overlooked but is essential if we want to properly care for others around us too! Make sure you’re getting adequate amounts of sleep each night; eating healthy meals; exercising regularly; setting aside alone time; engaging in leisurely activities like crafting/baking/reading books etc.; & spending quality time outdoors whenever possible (especially during summer months!) – these are all excellent ways to ensure good physical & mental health while also making sure we’re able to handle whatever life throws at us each day without feeling overwhelmed by stressors looming overhead constantly!

Something I’m doing these days is going on more solo trips with my girlfriends. In March, I’m actually headed to San Diego to become a certified Christian Life and Leadership Coach with the International Coaching Federation. This is something for me where I get to be poured into for a few days and then come home and care for my family.

No matter how busy life gets there are always opportunities available if we look hard enough to pause & focus on intentionally living out our days as homemakers & entrepreneurs alike according to God’s plan for us all!

By taking small steps towards incorporating these ten tips into our daily routines we’ll soon find ourselves more organized than ever before plus better equipped to handle whatever challenges come along next no matter how large they may seem initially because God has already prepared paths ahead just waiting for all his children to follow—allowing ourselves explore those paths fully will bring greater joys than ever imagined possible!!

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