9 Attributes of the Faithful Godly Woman

Growing up I always knew I wanted to be a Godly woman but I didn’t really have any Christian women in my life to be an example. I just sort of always knew that’s who I wanted to be. I didn’t know the characteristics of a faithful woman, however.

I’ve caught a lot of flack from people I’ve known my whole life because I always knew God was calling me to something greater. I never wanted to be a worldly woman. Feminism, the way it is, doesn’t really speak for me. I craved something deeper and more meaningful than what I saw around me. I just didn’t know what that was yet.

I’m so glad I’ve found a community of women who are striving to follow Christ and be the best possible woman they can be. It takes time and effort but it’s worth every minute of it.

The word “Godly” is not thrown around too much these days. So, what does it mean to be a Godly woman?

We’re going to explore nine attributes of a Godly woman and how you can apply them today. Right now.

Do not take this list as a how-to guide or an expert’s rulebook. There is no such thing as the perfect woman and certainly, no one can live up to all of these attributes perfectly nor should we expect them from ourselves, but it is possible for us to make strides in becoming more Godly women every day.

9 traits of a godly woman

A Child of God

First and foremost, she is a child of God. A personal relationship with her Savior is what has caused her to be adopted by the Most High (John 1:12). At the root of it, a Godly woman is a woman who has been saved by Christ and is a new creation in Him. This relationship changes her for the better and all can see the light of Christ through her.

Godly Seeking

the importance of prayer life with your family and how to achieve that goal

Secondly, a Godly woman is one who seeks to know and love the Lord. She loves His Word and reads it daily (Matthew 4:4 and Psalm 119:97). The more she knows about Him, the better she can express her love for Him through obedience in all that He asks of us (John 14:15)

She knows to seek wisdom from God as she walks through life. Psalm 119:105 says, “Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light on my path.” (NIV) Recently, at church, we’ve been doing a series on the Principle of the Path. Great book, definitely recommend it. The idea is that we must ponder the path we pick and our direction, not the intention, sets our destination.

If we are relying on God for our destination, we can never go wrong. It is when we allow the world to choose our path, that we wind up somewhere we do not belong.


A Godly woman makes time every day to be alone with her Father in prayer. She doesn’t just pray when things are good or when she wants something. She prays when life is going well and when it’s not because in both scenarios, God deserves her praise!

As Hannah did, she honors God in the midst of her pain (I Samuel 1). She doesn’t complain and whines about what He has given or taken away. Instead, she trusts Him because He’s always done right by her so far.

She also knows that in prayer, we can lay our burdens down at the feet of Jesus to carry instead.

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She is also humble and has an innate sense of thankfulness for the life God has given her, regardless of how it may look to other people or even herself. She can see past her own faults and flaws to see how wonderful Christ is. She recognizes that she has been blessed with a Savior who loves her entirely, even when she falls short of His expectations for us (Romans 3:12).

A Godly woman has no need to boast about herself or her accomplishments because she knows that everything good in this life comes from the Lord.


She is kind and loving toward everyone, even those who are hard to love. She sees Christ’s image stamped on their heart just as it is stamped on hers. She is quick to forgive and slow to anger.

She looks for opportunities to show love in a practical way, both within her church community as well as outside of it. She is a woman who loves by listening, serving, and giving.

She knows that God gave us the best example of love when He sent His only son to die for our sins so that we could have eternal life with Him in heaven (John 3:16). She also understands that if she claims to know Christ but does not show it through her actions, she is lying (I John 2:4).

I tell my kids all the time that everything they do can either point people to Jesus or hurt their relationship with Jesus. They have to decide daily what their actions will do for others.


wives are called to be a homemaker

Titus 2:5 is my favorite verse honestly. I love this instruction for women. Older women likewise are to mentor younger women. It is a way for everyone to learn and grow together in the body of Christ.

I love being able to mentor other women. Way too often we are the hardest on ourselves and do not see the value we hold. We have been blessed with gifts from God, all kinds of unique abilities that He has given us to use for His glory!


This has become such a dirty word in our society. But for a woman who loves the Lord, she knows that God is her head and He has made it clear how to submit herself in those relationships.

Let me say that again, in case you missed it. God is the head of every man who loves Him and women are called to submit themselves to their husband’s lead (Ephesians 5). It doesn’t mean she does not have an opinion or cannot voice her thoughts but ultimately they should be led by what he says.

Being biblically submissive is a you before me attitude. It’s about service and reverence to God. It isn’t about fear, control or manipulation.

Since we are living in an imperfect world, there will be times where she does not agree with her husband’s decision and the way he is leading their home. She should go to him respectfully (Ephesians 5 again) and offer her opinion (without nagging!).


1 Peter 3:15 states that we are to be able to give a defense of our faith with kindness at any time.

I cannot stress this enough. We are to be able to communicate the truths of our faith when challenged or questioned in love, humility, and respect. In order to do that, she has to know God’s truth.

She is committed to studying and understanding the Bible. She knows that God’s Word is living, powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword. If anyone challenges her beliefs about who Jesus Christ was or His existence, she can explain it with confidence because of her knowledge (and love) for the Lord.

Learn more about Apologetics here.


A woman of God is hungry for her relationship with God and desires to know more.

She longs for God. She seeks to know Him more each day through reading His Word, communing with Him in prayer, fellowshipping with other believers, and listening to sound teaching. A woman of God is never satisfied with where she is spiritually but continually thirsts after her Lord Jesus Christ (1 Peter 2:2).

A woman of God hungers to know more about Jesus. She is willing to go on a spiritual journey, asking questions and seeking God for the answers. She is a faithful woman.

As I said, we won’t be perfect in all of these. We will stumble. That’s okay. But, with Christ and His love in our hearts, we can continue to grow. We can strive to be more like Him.

What are some of the traits you’d like to work on?

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