Hey, I’m Lemon

I live in South East Georgia with my hubs, Glenn, our two boys, Oliver & Wyatt, and our two labs, Johnny Cash & Lola, and our kitten, Titten. I’m a hardcore sushi lover and lover of the ocean. We currently live about an hour from the ocean and it’s brutal on me.

I grew up in NJ and my soul had been calling me south ever since I was a little girl. As soon as I turned 18, I moved to SC and have been working my way further south ever since.

I didn’t grow up a Christian. I grew up the exact opposite actually. No one knows where I got this homemaker and southern hospitality attitude from.

I created this space because I didn’t really have anyone to show me the ropes. No one was around sharing their knowledge so I’m here to share all that I’ve learned in the last decade and what I continue to learn.

That’s where my signature course, Biblical Womanhood 101 was born. I got so many questions about being a biblical woman that I put all my knowledge in one space. It’s all about embracing the way God sees us and then putting that into our relationship with ourselves, God, our spouse, and our home. It’s my favorite thing to work on because I have seen so many incredible transformations.

It’s actually my favorite thing to talk about!