How Anxiety Manifests Physically & How to Heal with God with Special Guest Monica Norcross

The battle against anxiety is an ongoing one for many people. It often feels like a tight grip that only tightens over time. However, our latest podcast guest, Monica Norcross, shares her enlightening journey of overcoming anxiety and chronic pain. Monica is a passionate advocate for holistic wellness and the creator of a revolutionary workout program inspired by Psalm 46:10. Her insights into how trauma impacts our bodies and how we can reprogram our reactions to the world around us provide a new perspective on healing.

Our bodies manifest stress and trauma in various ways. One significant area of focus Monica discusses is the role of the limbic system in handling stress and trauma. The limbic system is the part of the brain that responds emotionally to trauma and threats. This system was designed by our Creator to give us a mechanism to deal with adversity. However, when adversity repeatedly confronts us, the limbic system can become chronically activated. This chronic activation can lead to anxiety and various physical manifestations. But there’s hope – the limbic system can be retrained and rewired through neuroplasticity, allowing us to respond to the world in a healthier way.

Monica also introduces the concept of fascia, the connective tissue in our body that is involved in every system we have. Fascia can become unhealthy due to improper posture, injuries, surgeries, trauma, and more. It can get constricted and tangled, leading to physical discomfort and chronic pain. Monica shares simple techniques to release these fascial adhesions, highlighting the remarkable ability of our bodies to heal.

In our discussion with Monica, we also learn about her unique approach to wellness through her Still Workout program. This program combines the powerful benefits of stillness and laughter. Practicing intentional stillness can retrain our brains and restore our souls. Monica highlights the importance of a good belly laugh, and how it can bring not only physical benefits but also strengthen relationships.

Monica’s insights into holistic wellness illuminate the importance of addressing the mind, body, and soul as a whole for overall health and wellness. This approach is not only biblically inspired but also scientifically supported. The Still Workout is a testament to the healing power of laughter, stillness, and God’s Word.

In conclusion, our conversation with Monica Norcross reminds us of the importance of seeking, growing, and trusting in God’s plan. Whether you are battling anxiety, dealing with chronic pain, or simply seeking a holistic approach to wellness, Monica’s insights and revolutionary workout program provide a new perspective on healing. Join us on this ongoing journey of seeking, growing, and trusting in God’s plan.

How anxiety manifests physically and how to heal with God - latest podcast episode with Monica Norcross

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