Balancing Business and Faith: 5 Practical tips for integrating Christian values into your business

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    Hey friend, I’m excited. You’re here because that means you’re probably just like me. What I know about you is that you’re probably a Christian woman who runs a business and also cares deeply about her family. And that’s probably part of the reason you got into business. Did I get it right? I know for me. Trying to run a business that didn’t incorporate my faith. Just doesn’t work. I used to run a marketing agency and I had a partner and we were great.

    We were so successful. We had clients waiting to get into meetings with us and waiting to sign contracts with us. But something felt really off to me. You see, I wasn’t in charge of sales so I wouldn’t know necessarily who a client was until they ended up on my calendar. And then I found out 90% of my clients were super new age. And they weren’t aligned with me.

    I just felt icky to be perfectly honest. I just felt icky about the whole thing. And so I thought I was going to do everything by myself. And I was just going to talk about Jesus all the time. And then I found myself in a spot where I could talk about Jesus all the time and talk about business.

    And so I want to talk about how we balance the two. How do you kick butt in the business world, but also honor God at the same time? I’ve got five super simple tips for you today to help you hone in on the thing that God has called you to do, honor Him in the process, and honor the gifts and talents that He’s given you.

    Create A Daily Devotional Routine

    Step one is to create a daily devotional routine. I know, you’ve probably heard this so many times. But it is so important when you don’t start your day with God front and center. It is really difficult. To go and make decisions with him front and center. And so I want to encourage you to set aside 15 to 30 minutes each morning for prayer, meditation, and scripture reading. Maybe grab a devotional or the Bible reading app is a great app with tons of devotionals on it. That can align with you and where you are.

    I also really like RightNow Media, they have some incredible studies, especially for women in business. And so I would encourage you to dive into a devotional first thing in the morning. Get in with God, and have business meetings with God. We’re going to talk about that in a minute. Be in community with God the very first thing in the morning. If you’re looking at maybe changing some habits because maybe that’s not something you do all the time I would love to invite you to do Sacred 60 with me.

    It’s 75 hard, but kingdom-focused and a little bit less intense. Part of that challenge is to spend time with God every single day. So just click the link and sign up for Sacred 60. It’s free. You’ll get a workbook right away. You’re going to want to check this out with me.

    Align Your Marketing With Authenticity

    I want you to craft your marketing to reflect your values and your genuine beliefs about your product, your service, and yourself. Be clear about what it is that matters to you in your marketing and share personal stories. Then highlight the impact of your faith on your business journey.

    Talk about business meetings with God. If you’ve never had a business meeting with God recommend you do it.

    Start with prayer and ask God for help and a big business decision that you need to make. Ask God for a strategy that you need. Once you get clear about how it is that your business serves God don’t be afraid to share that with people. Don’t be afraid to share and give God the glory in the things that He has done for you.

    Faithful Decision Making

    This is where we’re going to talk about that business meeting with God. You have to incorporate your faith into all decision-making. So if you’ve never had a business meeting with God, I’m going to give you a very simple outline on how to do that.

    How to have a business meeting with god

    Write down the decision at hand

    So first I want you to write down what the decision you need to make is. Get a piece of paper, get whatever you need, and write that down.


    What I want you to do is pause and journal over that decision. What are your immediate reactions? What are the fears that you have? But I want you to sit and think about what it is that you want out of this decision.


    Write a prayer out and ask God what to do. Ask God, “how do you want me to show up?” “God what is my next step? You don’t need A through Z. You just need to get from A to B. So tell me what to do.”

    Seek Counsel

    Next, I want you to seek wise counsel. I have every single time I’ve had a big business decision to make. Somehow God always affirms it.

    Whether it’s a podcast will come out or a sermon at church will come out. Literally within days of me feeling like this is the direction from God, something will affirm. If this is the direction that I’m supposed to move in, God will confirm it through other people.


    So what is your next step going to be? What is it that God is asking you to do? And how can you take that step forward?

    And that’s all it takes to incorporate faith into your decision-making process. I share that process with people and I share how a business meeting with God went.

    Let people buy into the vision that God has for you and let people have a front-row seat to what God is doing in your life.

    5 simple ways to balance faith and business

    Gratitude and Humility

    I want you to practice gratitude and humility. Keep a gratitude journal, actually do this with my husband. I keep one for my children. I keep one for the business. My 90-day planner has a gratitude section. That’s how I start every single day, what is it that I’m thankful for? When we are regularly reflecting on the goodness of God we are seeing him move in our life it is a lot easier to keep pressing forward. Because we know, and have proof that God will show up. God will weather a storm with us. God will answer. And He will be faithful to His promises.

    I want you to share that with other people. Remain humble and give the glory back to God. Because sometimes people need a borrow your faith. They need to see your gratitude. They need to see your humility to take that next step that God is calling them to do. And so I would encourage you to get a journal and practice some gratitude and humility.

    I try to write down every day, six things that I am grateful for. And they have to be different. I can’t write every single day the same thing. Every day, six things minimally that I am grateful for. And I would encourage you to share that with people encourage, I would encourage you guys to pour that out into other people, because the more that your family, the more that your coworkers, the more that your team and the more He sees you acting in gratitude and humility, the more God gets the glory. Isn’t that our whole purpose?

    Faith Focused Networking

    Finally number five. I would encourage you to get into faith-centered networking. Find Christian networking events or groups online or locally. My friend Michelle Tufford has a group locally that she loves and she pours into and they meet monthly. I have a community of Christian women who were all driving toward the same thing.

    And so I want to encourage you to check that and nurture relationships with like-minded women who share your values, who are going to offer you support, who are going to offer you collaboration.

    Those are the types of women you want to be in community with. Be in community with people who love the Lord and are pushing you toward the thing that you want to go after. Surround yourself with women who have God-sized dreams.

    Those are the people you need to be in relationship with. And so I’m going to encourage you to come and join the community. Come get plugged in, come get connected, and come see what it’s like to have a bunch of women support you and love the Lord at the same time.

    The more that we pour into our relationship with God, the more that is going to overflow into everything that we’re doing. Especially your business. Sometimes your business is the only opportunity somebody has to experience the love of Christ. And so the more in relationship you are with Jesus, the more people get to experience Him. It just becomes natural for you.

    As a believer, I think it’s your responsibility to be in deep communion with the Lord. So that others may get to experience Him. Maybe people get to experience the pure love of Christ for the first time, because of you. That is such a beautiful gift that you get to use your business for.

    I am so excited to see what you’re going to do with that. I want to encourage you to come check out Sacred 60 with me, come check out the community, and go get poured into.

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