Spring Cleaning Hacks to Make the Job Easier

One of the most important things we can do when running our home is effectively managing our time. Honestly, caring for a whole house can be a lot of strain on you physically and mentally so it’s crucial to develop a routine that makes the most sense for you.

I am a firm believer in organic cleaning products for my family and so that can also add to the time it takes to clean. Rather than spraying something all over my counters, I may need to stop and prep my cleaning materials beforehand. Time well spent in my opinion.

I wanted to share some of my favorite tips for effective time management so you can view caring for your home as a joyous experience instead of something burdensome.

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Being Aware

One thing I think is super important is being aware of your surroundings and your body. Cleaning is physical so be sure you’re keeping track of how you feel while caring for your home. So many of the tasks are repetitive so they can put a strain on you. I personally have a terrible back from the years of dance and gymnastics so I have to adjust my routine when we’re having an off day.

Both Sides of the Body

When cleaning, we have this tendency to utilize one side of the body. Honestly, I wasn’t aware I did this until I tore my rotator cuff a few years ago (thank you gymnastics). I tore my right shoulder and had to quickly adapt. I had to train my body to work both sides. Working on one side can easily put some undue stress and strain on your body. No point in having a super clean home if you’re too sore to enjoy it.

Protect the body while caring for your home

Having a dumpster fire of a back, I had to adapt my cleaning habits. Instead of leaning over the shower to clean it, I clean it while I’m in the shower. I totally utilize the kids for projects that would require me to be hunched over. They can be my dustpan holder. Be sure to protect your back at all costs and adapt where necessary. Don’t hesitate to skip something if it’s bothering you.

You also need to protect your knees and wrists. Don’t spend too much time on the ground scrubbing. Mix your tasks up so you’re not doing too much on one part of the body at once.

If you just cleaned out a lower cabinet try dusting next. Keeping the movements varied will eliminate some of the strain on the body.

Caring for the mind

Listen, cleaning your home isn’t the most exciting task. I get it. But I use this time to renew my mind. I maybe put on worship music or a podcast. Take some time while cleaning to stimulate your mind. By using a podcast, book or worship music, I actually look forward to cleaning. I enjoy the work I’m doing and easily got lost in the process because my mind is focused on growing closer to God. Plus, it really helps to put why I’m cleaning into perspective.

Reward Yourself

Like I said, cleaning isn’t my favorite task of the day but I sure do feel satisfied after spending time with God & seeing the finished result. Honestly, I feel 20x more productive when I dive into an area of my home each day. Even the 10-minute tidy makes a huge difference in my mindset each day.

After taking that time to make your home sparkle and shine, grab a face mask. Use a foot soak. Snag a massage from the hubby. Grab a piece of that secret chocolate you’ve been hiding from the kids. Whatever it is, reward yourself for putting in the effort. While a clean home is a great reward, you deserve a little something something for that effort you put forth.

How will you change your home management habits to be sure you’re caring for yourself physically and mentally?

Be sure to download my list of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to keep the house running.

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