3 Lessons from elizabeth in the new testament

The story of Elizabeth in the Bible is a timeless tale of courage, faith, and resilience. As Christian women, we can learn so much from her journey and how God used her to fulfill His plan. In this blog post, let’s explore some of the lessons we can learn from Elizabeth and apply them to our own lives.

What was God’s promise to Elizabeth?

What I find really cool before we even dive into what was promised, I want to dive into Elizabeth’s name. In Hebrew, it literally means “God’s Promise.” How cool is that considering she is going to give birth to the one who will prepare a way for Jesus?

During this time period, lineage was everything and Elizabeth being barren was a bad sign. It was believed that a barren couple was cursed and it was grounds for her husband to divorce her. This is why so much emphasis was put on the promise that God gave to Elizabeth. It did not matter how culture saw the couple, they remained steadfast in their belief and were rewarded because of it. (Luke 1:6)

God promised Elizabeth a son despite her age, which was considered advanced for bearing children (she was well past childbearing years). He also promised that not only would she have a son but he would be great and would even make history. This promise showed Elizabeth tremendous faith and trust in God, despite her advanced age.

Trust God’s Timing

Elizabeth was an elderly woman when she gave birth to her son John the Baptist. She had already been married for many years and had reached an age where it was impossible for her to have children naturally. But despite all odds, God saw fit to bless Elizabeth with a child whom He would use for His purpose. We can draw strength and hope from Elizabeth’s story that even when things seem impossible, God’s timing is always perfect.

Have Faith in God’s Plan

When Elizabeth became pregnant with John the Baptist, it must have seemed like a miracle–and it was! This miracle provided evidence that God had chosen John for a special purpose. It also showed Elizabeth that she could trust in God’s plan no matter what happened in her life. As women of faith, we need to remember this lesson as well–we may not understand why certain events happen or why our plans are derailed at times, but we need to have faith that everything will work out according to God’s plan. My husband always prays for the perceived bad times because we never know how God will use something for His good purpose.

Celebrate Others Successes

When Mary visited Elizabeth after becoming pregnant with Jesus, both women rejoiced over one another’s blessing (Luke 1:39-45). They put aside their differences and celebrated each other’s successes as if they were their own. As entrepreneurs, we should strive to emulate this attitude by celebrating others successes instead of feeling envious or threatened by them. When we come together to celebrate each other’s victories rather than compete against each other, everyone wins!

The story of Elizabeth reminds us that God has a plan even when it seems like all hope is lost. We can trust His timing and have faith that He will make all things work out for good (Romans 8:28). Let us also look for ways to celebrate others successes instead of feeling threatened or envious about them—we don’t have to compete against each other for success; there is enough success for everyone! Finally, let us be encouraged by Elizabeth’s example—no matter what obstacles come our way as entrepreneurs and women in the Kingdom because with faith and resilience anything is possible!

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