Commandeering Your Financial Future with Laurie Allen

Ever wondered how you can take ownership of your financial future? On our recent podcast episode, we had the privilege of hosting a compelling conversation with the inspiring Laurie Allen, a certified financial planner and owner of LA Wealth Management firm.

Laurie’s journey began with humble beginnings, and over time, she transformed into a successful entrepreneur. Her mission is to empower women to take the reins of their financial destiny. She candidly discusses age-old money taboos, breaks down the ‘bag lady syndrome’, and shares strategies for combating the fear of destitution through strategic financial planning.

One of the intriguing concepts discussed is aligning personal values with investment decisions. This concept can potentially revolutionize our relationship with money. According to Laurie, understanding our personal beliefs around money is crucial in planning our financial future. This includes recognizing our unique fears and misconceptions about wealth-building and breaking free from societal taboos around discussing money.

Another interesting point Laurie raised was the importance of creating an emergency fund. She noted that having an emergency fund takes the stress out of unexpected expenses, turning potentially catastrophic events into mere inconveniences. She emphasized the necessity of eradicating consumer debt and investing at least 15% of your income for retirement.

According to Laurie, financial education is a tool for empowering women. She provides valuable insights on understanding investments and navigating the journey to financial freedom. Laurie passionately advocates for the creation of safe spaces for women to discuss money matters, and she believes that such open conversations can help support each other in building wealth.

In conclusion, Laurie Allen’s approach to financial planning and investing is about more than just dollars and cents. It’s about us, our habits, our happiness, and our relationships. It’s about building a healthy relationship with money, developing a clear vision for financial success, and equipping ourselves with the knowledge and confidence to commandeer our financial future.

Take control of your financial future with Laurie Allen offers practical financial wisdom. Learn about the significance of emergency funds, eradicating consumer debt, and the necessity of investing. Tune in now!

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