5 Simple Home Management Tips to Make Your Life Easier

When you’re a busy homeschooling mama that is running her own business, having a home that is managed well is paramount for your success. When your home is running well, you feel less stressed and you are actually more productive.

There are so many areas we can dive into but I wanted to give you my top 5 today. Sometimes when we think about managing our home, we get overwhelmed and avoid it. If you’re like me, there are definitely times when you look at your to-do list and opt for a nap instead. Been there, done that.

Effective home management is about what works best for you, your family and your lifestyle. Take all of these tips and apply them to yourself. Don’t be afraid to adapt and figure out what works for you.


Get hyper-organized. Everything has a place and everything belongs in its place. Now, you don’t have to tackle your whole house in one sitting but make a plan to go room by room. I promise, once you organize a space, it will be hard to let it get disorganized after you put in so much effort.

Grab some cubbies, folders for paperwork, shelving units for your spice cabinet, a cute little mason jar to store your pens, etc. Find a place for everything and promise to stick to putting things back in their place after usage.


Meal Prep

honestly have no clue how I ever functioned before I meal prepped. Oh, I remember now, it was constant daily trips to the grocery store to grab things for dinner. Listen, I live in the country so that’s a solid 20 minutes to the store one way and frankly, I don’t have that sort of time.

Grab a printable planner and start writing down weekly what is on the dinner menu. I laminated mine so I can just erase on Saturday and start the following week. This also gives you a chance to check your refrigerator, freezer and pantry for items you have for dinner prep already and what you need.

Order those groceries and save yourself some time! What used to be a 2 to 3-hour portion of my week is less than 45 minutes. I can drive up to the store, grab the groceries ready for me, and drive home. There’s no walking around with the kids, grabbing and buying extra items, and still coming home with not everything I need for the week.

Now, my time is better used elsewhere (like spending time with my family).

Create A Routine

home management requires routine

This is imperative I think to your success in juggling all areas of your life. When you have 92 things you’re doing a day and different hats you’re wearing, we actually decrease our productivity if we work on too many things at once aka not focusing on one task at a time.

But it’s hard to focus on one task at a time when you have so much to do which is why I firmly believe in the power of the routine. I have a set work schedule and cleaning schedule. I know what I’ll work on for my business each day of the week and I know what area of the home management is being taken care of.

Creating a solid routine for you and your family will keep everyone on task and keep the workload light.

Involve The Whole Family

There is zero reason for you to do everything around the house mama. You have a husband and kids with working arms and legs. The trick I learned was to teach my kids exactly how to do the chores they can handle around the house. Each week we create their chore chart and 99% of the time it’s the same chores that they have been taught to do.

There are plenty of chores around the house your kiddos can pick up the slack on. For example, if they can work on a smartphone and tablet, they can run the washer. Both of my boys do their own laundry from beginning to end. Our youngest does everything from putting his clothes in the washer, rotating them to the dryer, and then putting the clothes away properly. They have their own soap for their clothes so they can handle the process themselves. It takes a ton off of my plate and helps them prepare to be better adults. I won’t get calls in college about how to do laundry and that’s a beautiful thing.

Create a list of age-appropriate chores and let your littles get to work. After all, they are a member of the family too and should take some responsibility in the upkeep of their home.

What Is Your Vision?

Maybe it sounds nuts to think about your vision when it comes to home management but I promise it’s necessary. How do you want to feel at the end of the day? At the end of each week?

Discuss with your spouse what the vision is for the home and what role everyone plays in it. Decide what is important to you as a family and set those goals together.

When you have a plan as a family unit and you’re working toward the same goals, it’s easier to get everyone on board doing their part. There’s less resistance because you’re working together for one common goal.

Sit down with your spouse this week and decide on a home management vision.

If you implement these tips I know you’ll see a difference in the way you run your home. Your home will feel more peaceful. More serene. Less chaotic. And you’ll be able to get more accomplished without sacrificing any me time. 


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