Ready To Make Homemaking Your Ministry?

Tell people you have a homemaking ministry and they may think you’re nuts. When we think about ministry, typically the last place our mind goes is homemaking but the truth is, a homemaking ministry is one of the most important ministries you’ll ever be involved in. It’s actually the first ministry you have.  

Too often we neglect our families to serve in other ministry callings and while those callings are noble, it’s not the most important one women are called to serve in. All too often our families get what’s left of us not what is our best. I know that sounds harsh but how often do we bust our bum for other pursuits and then our family gets the cranky, tired, not-fun woman?

A Homemaking Ministry can make all the difference. If we approach everything with an attitude of service and can see the big picture, we can fully embrace and love our God-given calling. 

Things of this world don’t last

Remember those fancy degrees? They don’t really mean much in the grand scheme of things unless I use them to serve God. Each of my degrees helps me serve others and helps me serve my family.

Spending my time on things that are fleeting doesn’t make much sense. As we’ve seen with the economic impact right, your degrees don’t mean much. Corporate America (or wherever you’re reading this) isn’t entirely stable. I’ve had. so many friends leave VP jobs, C-Suite jobs, etc. because their company was restructuring and they weren’t necessary anymore.

Do you know where I’ll always be necessary? My family.  2 Corinthians 4:18 says to focus on the things that are eternal. Not the things of this world. 

My family and building up God’s Kingdom is something I can focus on because it’s eternal. Worrying about a corporate job will fade. It will never bring you ultimate satisfaction. It will never last. 

You may find temporary happiness but nothing in this world lasts forever.

If I am figuring out where to spend my time, I’ll always pick the family God gave me to serve.

“While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen; for the things which are seen are temporal, but  the things which are not seen are Eternal” 2 Corinthians 4:18 

Serve with hospitality in your Homemaking Ministry

I mentioned this earlier but serving in various areas is amazing. There are so many people who need the skills, talents, etc. God has given to us. I for one love serving others. It brings me so much joy and it’s a blessing to teach our kids to serve. My husband also serves in our church and so our kids tag along for a lot of our duties. It’s important to teach our kids to serve.

While we find so much joy in serving others, we must find the same joy in serving our families. Our family may get leftovers for dinner some nights but they shouldn’t get my leftovers. They deserve a wife and mother who serves with hospitality. God gave me and you a family.

How can we look at that family each day knowing everyone else gets the best of us and they get what remains? How can we look at them with disdain when we take care of them? How can we find no joy in taking care of the people God gave us?

If we practice biblical hospitality with strangers,  we can do it for our loved ones. 

It’s honestly a lot of work

We have two kiddos at home. My boys are only 20 months apart and our oldest has ASD. We homeschool. My husband’s job is unpredictable with his schedule. Serving my family takes a lot of work. It’s honestly why I love the focus on my family. A homemaking ministry really puts the family in perspective and really brings me a lot of joy because I can see the fruits of the work we put in. 

There have been times when I said yes to everything because I tried so hard to serve everyone. I was underestimating how much work is required to run a household successfully. I am by no means saying I have it all figured out but I do think we’re not totally failing here. We’re not perfect by any means but we seem to have a little more together when I’m intentional about the time I spend in my home. 

You see the thing is you and I are not raising kids. I know it seems like we are, but we aren’t.

We’re preparing the gifts God has given us to be fully functioning adults who are going to serve in God’s Kingdom. These adults are going to have a family of their own someday. They’ll be responsible for bringing children up in the Gospel.

Call me crazy but that’s a lot of pressure. I mean we are called to do some amazing things in this life and one of those things is to serve our family. There’s a lot that goes into serving our family and it truly can be exhausting to do that job well.

Having a ton of time for other ministry work is hard. Especially in this season of life. It’s hard to give it everything we’ve got to something else when our attention is on the family.

It doesn’t have to be 24/7 on the family but with my boys being so small, I have to give them everything. 

If I’m busy running around doing 24 other things, how can I show up fully for my family? The truth is we can’t. We can’t be in hundreds of places at once but we can prioritize what’s important so we don’t burn ourselves out

Looking Ahead at Your Homemaking Ministry

I truly believe we can have it all. We just have to shift our thinking. We have to work on balance. We have to look at our role as a wife and mothers as a homemaking ministry opportunity instead of a burden. I promise you the “patriarchy” didn’t push you here and I know the modern “feminists” will look down on you but at the end of the day all that matters is that your home is a sanctuary full of love and you’re giving your very best to the family.

It’s not popular to say that you believe in a homemaking ministry but I promise you now sweet sister, it can be the most rewarding experience if you let it. 

How can we expect our family to give us their best if we view everything we do for them as a burden from an “oppressive society?”

The truth is, God’s truth is eternal. While the world may say serving at home isn’t serving, God says people will know you are a Christian based on how you show love for others. That includes your children and your husband.

Go forth and serve with grace and compassion. God extends it to you daily, now it’s time to extend that same grace to your homemaking ministry.

If you’re thinking to yourself right now, “How do I serve with grace” then I have something for you. Maybe a homemaking ministry is for you. 

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  1. What you wrote below, really resonated with me!

    ” All too often our families get what’s left of us not what is our best. I know that sounds harsh but how often do we bust our bum for other pursuits and then our family gets the cranky, tired, not fun woman?”

    It’s something I need to be more mindful of.

    1. Oh my gosh thank you! I honestly needed a reality check myself because I was getting so irritable but my family definitely didn’t deserve that. I had to shift my thinking. I’d love to know how it goes for you!

  2. What a wonderful message you’re sharing in this post. I am behind it 200%! I used to be one of those women that because I didn’t have some big booming ministry I was confused by what my purpose was and why the Lord didn’t have me working. He cleared that up for me, reminding me that yes I have love and responsibility to my husband & kids but by how I serve them in my heart they’re my ministry! It’s such a rewarding ministry when you understand how God intended this to be. And it’s all throughout the bible showing us this very truth. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Oh my gosh I love that so much! It really is all about how we feel about serving our family that changes thing for us. Imagine what the world would be like if women all felt the way we do.

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