The #1 Homeschool Benefit No One Talks About

Growing up I was the number one fan of public schools and thought I’d teach 2nd grade forever. Then I got into the schools and realized it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and my cute little southern teacher dreams shattered. Then I met my husband and I could see the homeschool benefits all over him. 

When we talked about the future of our children’s education and what kind of person we hoped they’d grow up to be, the benefits of homeschooling became apparent. But what are those homeschool benefits that pushed us over the edge?

This is not to say there are not benefits to public school and this is not to shun those who opted to put their kids in public schools. I realize not every parent has the option to homeschool. 

Without further adieu, here are our favorite homeschool benefits. 

No school schedule

As an entrepreneur, one thing I was focused on was having time freedom. I like to just get up and go and don’t like to feel limited. School schedules create limits.

I remember being in high school and missing six weeks of classes because of a migraine that simply wouldn’t leave. I was in and out of hospitals, seeing specialists, etc. I worked my tail off to get the makeup work done, but still faced administrative issues.

If I had been homeschooled, it wouldn’t have been an issue.

I think about that on a regular basis. We like to travel, hit the beach, etc. and having a school limit simply doesn’t work for us. It’s rough being told when you can go somewhere and when you can’t.

Our oldest is also on the spectrum and honestly sometimes he just is not feeling school. Back when they went to public school I didn’t have much of a choice but to send him to school or else I’d face administrative consequences for missing too many “approved” days as per the district.

With homeschooling, when my son has an off day, it’s really easy to throw on a documentary on Disney+ and call it a day. They can take the day off without being penalized and we don’t have to worry about them wasting a day. Let’s be honest, when the kiddo is having an off day, no one is learning.

Rather than waste our time and get frustrated with trying to learn, we just skip it and do something else.

Being able to live and work on our terms is exactly why we work for ourselves, so it only makes sense we’d ensure our kiddos have the same flexibility.

Academic Flexibility

This is another biggie for us. Our kids can move as they need to. Some days they’re on their A-game and can soar through subjects, and some subjects take a little longer.  For instance, right now they’re really mastering their addition and subtraction because next week we’ll be learning multiplication. While some schools teach that at 2nd and 3rd grade, we’re doing it early in 1st.

The real benefit is we can customize the education based on their interests and their learning speed.

A prime example was Shark Week. We watched shark movies, documentaries, did a shark tooth dig, talked about sharks while sitting at the beach, etc. It made learning crazy fun for them, and they can talk about sharks now with ease.

No matter what your kiddo is into and how they learn, you can accommodate. Something schools can’t do with 20+ kids in a classroom.

We also get to control the subjects taught. Schools in our opinion have overstepped in some areas and as someone who worked in the school system, teaching to pass a test is very prevalent.

We get to be in control of what our kids learn and when they learn it.

Meeting the needs of your kids

This is another biggie. We can meet our children where they are at today. We don’t need an IEP meeting or waiting until they struggle in school for a meeting with their teacher to formulate a plan.

We can see the issue and meet the need now. We know our kids better than anyone else and can work to get them what they need.

Need help emotionally? On it.

Need something for speech therapy? There’s apps and resources. Learn how to help them via courses.

Have a behavioral problem? Handle it at home. No need to let the school system parent your child.

Being able to tackle issues head on when they start is a huge homeschool benefit.

The Extras

One thing we love are all the extras.  The benefit to homeschool is we have more time for music, art, free play, etc. My husband is a musician and I am learning the piano and our kids have naturally taken an interest in music. Instead of learning the recorder they’re picking up a bass or sitting down at the keys to learn. It’s not only great for their learning because it’s something they specifically want to learn but it’s also great for bonding. It becomes a family activity.

We do cool custom science experiments and have time to hit the beach or park when we want. All the programs and resources that often get cut from the school systems, we can provide for our kiddos.

We’ve noticed way less behavioral problems when our kids have the freedom and flexibility in their day to do the extras. We spend less than 2 hours per day on subject learning and they get the rest of the day to explore, play, and grow on their own. Which brings me to the next homeschool benefit we see.

Independence & Confidence

homemaking schedule

Another favorite homeschool benefit we see is independence. Our kids can play on their own with no issue and they help create their curriculum.

One of my favorite moments was a few months ago when our youngest asked about being an Ocean Explorer. It’s his dream job. So we set up a 1:1 Zoom meeting with a Marine Biologist.

To tell you my six-year-old sat still for a solid 30 minutes and asked legitimate questions was a shock. Not once did I tell him to pay attention. He was locked in because it was something he asked for and was truly interested in. He took control of his own education and got something useful from the time.

My kids feel comfortable telling us what they’re into and asking how they can learn more about it.

This may be my favorite homeschool benefit because the confidence and independence will stick with them forever.

Life Skills & Faith

Faith and life skills are a huge part of our everyday. Glenn and I have seen a huge spike in their faith maturity since making a bible study a part of their everyday learning. They’re praying like they’re older children. We see them asking really great faith building questions and retaining stories and principles.

We also add life skills. They have chores they do which again adds to their independence. They know what they are responsible for each day and work hard to get it done. They know when they do their chores it’s more fun time. No one gets in trouble when they take initiative.

You and I are raising future adults who will someday have to live on their own. Teaching them how to cook, clean, take care of animals, etc. will serve them well as adults. Home Ec has left most school programs and honestly it’s up to us as parents to teach them life skills anyway so this works out well.

Our kids learn about capitalism, politics, entrepreneurship, etc. so they can be productive members of society the moment they leave our home and be their own person out in the world.

The Parental Benefit

This is the one homeschool benefit no one talks about. Parents benefit as well. Not only do we have the freedom to travel and do what we please because we’re not locked by a school schedule but we can continue to learn and bond with our kids.

Like I said earlier, we share our love of music with our kids. I swear sometimes I’m part fish so I get to share that with my kids. My youngest is football-obsessed and I’m a big College Football fan so we can bond over sports and learn together.

We also get to use this time for personal growth. We are responsible for our children’s education, emotional and mental well being so it’s imperative we show up at our best. We can’t be 100% every day but we can take the time to grow as a parent.

While there are no guarantees in homeschooling, the homeschool benefits are pretty high.

If you’ve been on the fence about it, I recommend trying it for your family. If it works, awesome! If not, that’s okay too. You’re not locked into that decision forever.

For this family though, homeschooling is the way to go.

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