Marriage, Ministry, and the Marketplace: Getting Husband Buy-In For Your Vision

Stepping into the overflowing blessings that God has in store for us is not just about walking a path laid out for us but doing so arm in arm with those we love. Today, I want to share with you our journey, a tale of faith, leadership development, and understanding within marriage as my husband, Glenn, and I strive towards living out our calling.

Glenn’s Support: A Blue-Collar Wisdom Perspective

Glenn, with his blue-collar wisdom, military discipline, and the simplicity of his faith, shared insights that could only come from a heart earnestly pursuing God’s truth.

Glenn is a man who has journeyed through life with grit and grace. From the demanding life of a truck driver to a decade of dedicated military service, his experiences have sculpted a perspective rooted in practicality and faith. His outlook on supporting the dreams and spiritual callings within our marriage has been nothing short of inspirational.

The Conversations That Bind Us in marriage

Our conversations often circle back to understanding and supporting each other’s callings. Glenn’s approach to my visions and dreams is one of genuine curiosity, combined with a protective vigilance that seeks to weigh the worth and timing of each endeavor through a lens of faith and wisdom.

He embodies the role of a husband who supports his wife’s calling, not by merely saying ‘yes’ to every whim but by engaging in deep, discerning conversations that challenge and encourage growth. His wisdom reminds me that true support within a marriage involves protection, understanding, and a shared pursuit of God’s plan for our lives.

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Stitching together our calling

As we share and explore our visions—mine filled with leadership and speaking, Glenn’s with woodworking and mentoring veterans—we see God weaving a tapestry from our dreams and callings. It’s a beautiful, shared journey that teaches us the importance of mutual support, communication, and understanding as we follow God’s leading.

Our story is a testament to the power of partnership in marriage, especially when aligned with God’s vision. It’s about growing together, rather than apart, and understanding that the calling on our lives extends beyond ourselves to the heart of our union.

Looking Forward

Our adventure continues as we delve deeper into our callings, supported by the unshakeable foundation of our faith and love. As Glenn embarks on his journey through leadership and speaker training, we’re both excited to see where God leads us, both individually and as a couple.

I invite you to join us on this journey. Whether through listening to our podcast or following our stories, know that you’re not alone in navigating the path God has laid out for you and your loved ones.

Until next time, keep seeking, keep growing, and above all, keep listening to His voice guiding you towards that land of milk and honey.

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