Running Multiple Businesses while Being a Present Mom

In today’s episode, we are chatting with Cami Langston about she juggles numerous businesses and remains an ever-present and praying mama.

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Journal prompt for Christian women:

  ⚔ 📒📓 Write  down one piece of scripture that has been an anchor for you during a time of transition.

  ⚔ 📒📓 Describe one way you have seen God’s hand move in your life recently.
We can’t wait to hear from Cami and learn all about her journey! Enjoy the episode everyone! 🎉

About Cami Langston:
Cami is a multi-passionate mom who lives in Oklahoma City with her husband and two young boys. She is the host of the Mom Start a Business Podcast, online business coach, and creator of Print Pray Love where she helps moms remember to pray for their kids every day.

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For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many: Mark 10:45

[00:00:00] Lemon Price: Hey everybody. Welcome back to another episode of the Milk and Honey podcast. I am so excited today because I have my friend, Camie Langston on. She is. I just love her so much. Camie is a multi-passionate mom who lives in Oklahoma City with her hubby and two boys. Maybe that’s why we connect so well.

Because, I will tell you guys this, actually if I’m gonna finish her bio in a second, but the first time Cammy and I were like, voice memoing, my son interjects. And he was like, just so you know, I went to the store with my mom because I didn’t want her to get hit on. And we were crying and I was like, Oliver, it was the funniest thing.

I was like, this is. We are friends cuz this is totally like a boy. Situation. She also is the host of Mom Start a Business podcast. She’s an online business coach and she’s the creator of Print Pray Love, where she helps moms remember to pray for their kids every day. And I’m just obsessed with what you do.

So welcome, Cammy. I’m so 

[00:00:55] Cami Langston: excited to have you here. Great. Thank you. Thank you for having me. Yes. I feel like there’s just some people that. Fast friends, you don’t have to work too hard to come up with conversation and you just get each other. And I feel like it was definitely that.

So I’m glad that we connected and thank you so much for having me. 

[00:01:15] Lemon Price: Yes. I’m so excited. And yeah, it really was like that. I feel like all of our messages, we ended were like, sorry, you did not ask me to ramble on for seven minutes. In your dms, but that’s fine. And so I just, I love you and I’m so excited that you’re here.

So I wanted to talk about a couple of things with you because you have this. Interesting journey and I feel like that’s also why we connected. Cause we were so polar opposite in our view points and everything. So I’d love to hear a little bit of your background friend. 

[00:01:40] Cami Langston: Yeah. So let’s see.

I’ll try and, condense it all into a short story here, but before I had kids, I was a high school math teacher and it was definitely something that like, I feel like. The Lord had laid on my heart just like a burden for education. And all of the schools that I taught in and the students especially that I was working with were, tended to be lower income struggled, in school.

And that was just my heart. But it wasn’t necessarily a job that. I knew I wanted to do for the rest of my life. It was for a season. And the plan was always to, wait a little bit to have kids and, until we were in a better place financially, that my husband would be able to support us on his income alone while we quote unquote accidentally got pregnant.

We, we know how that happens, right? And it really. Completely an accident, but we ended up getting pregnant before we really were where we thought we needed to be, to be able to afford me staying home. But I really just knew that’s what I was supposed to do. And I, when I crunched the numbers, it was like, I live in Oklahoma, which, We have like notoriously low salaries for teachers.

And so when I looked at the cost of daycare versus what I would be bringing home, I was not gonna be bringing home very much at all. And so it was like, why would I go to a job that I don’t really even love? For 40 hour, to send my kid off for someone else to take care of them.

No, I can figure out a way to make a thousand bucks from home. And so that’s what I set out to do. And I started in network marketing. That was the only thing that I thought was available to do from home, like with kids. And so that’s where I started and I. Dove into that whole world and was trying to learn as much as I could to be able to grow it.

And because I had a s, a baby, I didn’t wanna be doing all of the like in-person things. Do you remember that day? I feel like that doesn’t really happen anymore with network marketing, but it used to be all. Like in-home parties, right? Oh yeah. So I think 

[00:04:08] Lemon Price: my mom still goes to some like for 

[00:04:09] Cami Langston: right there.

There are still some, 

[00:04:12] Lemon Price: yeah, there’s still some that happen. I’ve definitely been to pampered chef parties right 

[00:04:16] Cami Langston: in my thirties. Yeah. And I always loved them. My sister actually did pampered Chef for a long time. So funny. I’m 

[00:04:22] Lemon Price: like, I’ve got a lot of pampered chef right in the kitchen. 

[00:04:24] Cami Langston: Oh yeah, me too.

My whole kitchen is basically paper chef. From hosting parties being the hostess, but so I didn’t wanna do that because I had a baby, right? And so I really was looking into the online world and I’ve always loved tech actually, even as a teacher, I was Kind of the one in the school that was like figuring out all of the tech stuff.

I had a class set of iPads and like that’s mainly what we were doing. So anyways, tech has always been my thing too. And so I really just dove into this online marketing world and trying to figure out like, how can I make this work with network marketing and. Through that there were lots of different things, but I ended up seeing a need in the network marketing company that I was in just a problem that a lot of people were having, and I had figured it out and so I put it out there of Hey, I’m thinking about creating some resources around this.

Would anybody be interested? And I just had a crazy response from it. And Okay, I guess I’ll create something. And so I ended up creating a course for the distributors, like specifically in this, network marketing company and launched it and people bought it and it was like, whoa, okay. I just put something together based on something that I knew how to do something that I was good at and people actually wanted it and paid me for it, and immediately, I knew that I wanted other moms to know that was an option too.

That you didn’t have to necessarily go the network marketing route. You could create something based on your passions and your skills and sell that online. And so it’s been a long journey since then of lots of imposter syndrome of who am I to do this? And creating other things and doing other one-on-one services, web design and Just, creating my own membership.

I have a, I have another membership that, like Lemon said, helps moms remember to pray for their kiddos. But I am finally circled back around to just really stepping into this mission of mine to help moms take something they’re good at, something they’re passionate about. Package it up and sell it online so that they can be home with their kiddos, but also making a difference in the world and online.

And also making an income to help their family. So yeah, that’s where I’m at. Long story short, not really short. 

[00:07:03] Lemon Price: I know. I love this story so much because I think what’s really important about the way you started with your own, thing is like you saw a. You met a need, right?

Like you pulled the audience, right? Yeah. To make sure this was exactly what they wanted. Like you didn’t just go into it blindly. For sure, and I think I see it all the time because my background’s in marketing. I used to own a marketing agency and so I would have people come to me all the time.

They’re like, I think this is a great idea. I’m like, cool. What market research have you done? They’re like none. I’m like, okay, great. They like dreamt it up and have never asked their audience if it’s actually something that they want, and then they spend all this time and money. In everything and it doesn’t go anywhere.

Yes. But you 

[00:07:44] Cami Langston: did the opposite of it. Yes, for sure. It’s so important, and it’s the first step in the process that I teach is market research. There’s so many people, like you said that oh, I’ve got this idea. I’m gonna create it and they spend months creating a course or creating their program, designing the website, doing all of these things before they’ve even tested to see if it’s something that people actually want.

And then they go to launch it and, Nobody buys it. I’ve talked to several women who have even taken like big gurus courses on how to create a course, how to launch a course, and they do all of the work and then they put it out there and nobody buys it because they didn’t do that first step of really figuring out what it is people want and will pay for.


[00:08:36] Lemon Price: I like what you said. Not only what they want, but what are they willing to pay 

[00:08:40] Cami Langston: for? Oh, yes. Oh yes. Yeah. And that’s the key is, what I teach is starting with a beta launch or a pre-sale. You can call it, whatever you want. But Actually selling it and having people pay you before you create it.

I don’t want anybody to spend, like I said, months creating something before you’ve actually validated that people will pay you because people will. Tell you that they’ll pay you for it all day long, right? Yeah, I want that. Yes, that’d be awesome. But when it comes time to actually pulling out the credit card and paying you it’s another story.

And so that is the ultimate validation is act, putting it out there, putting your offer out there. Saying, this is what is going to be included, or even what I’m thinking is going to be included. And letting people know it’s not created yet. But you’re gonna get the best price that’s ever gonna be available.

You’re gonna help me create exactly what it is you want, right? Because you’re gonna be able to get feedback along the way, and then actually having them pay you for it before 

[00:09:44] Lemon Price: you. I love that so much. That’s how I launched my, like one of my signature courses is I had a bait around of people and it was constant every week, like it was required if they were gonna be in this bait around to send me feedback every single week.

Yes. And now, it’s my most popular course. It’s, I get tagged in a post at least once or twice a week from somebody random taking it, and I’m like, this is so cool to watch. But it was, and it was a long course. It was like 12 weeks long, and so there was a really long beta period, but it has paid off exponentially.

Yeah. Since, 

[00:10:19] Cami Langston: yeah. Yeah. And that is definitely one way. Did you have people pay you or was it a free beta? 

[00:10:25] Lemon Price: This one I did a free beta, but then it was funny cuz they started seeing testimonials and so I had random people pay me to join the beta. I love it. Yeah. 

[00:10:33] Cami Langston: So they pay you for this.

Yeah, and I think that there’s like a time and a place for both, it both can work. But I think, I mean if you, as, it also depends on your situation, right? If you’re in a place where like you don’t need to make money right now, then. Maybe offering it for free for some, and, but the key is, I think, like you said, you have to require feedback and you have to require participation.

Because that’s a big thing too, is the money and the people paying you isn’t just for you, it’s for them. It’s their buy-in, right? Like I’m sure that there’s been a lot of freebies, right? That everybody has downloaded and you’ve never even opened the. That they sent it to you because it was free like you had no buy-in.

And so it’s not just for you, it’s for other people to actually buy in so that you have people that are gonna do it so that you can, like you said, get the feedback, get the testimonials, because that’s the biggest part, right? The first time you launch something, you want to be able to get those success stories so that then you can have social proof when you go and launch.

[00:11:47] Lemon Price: I really love this so much because I am the queen of like freebie sitting there. But I also, it’s really funny. I actually don’t like paying for something in full because I’ve learned when I pay for something in full right up front, I don’t put the same effort into it. Oh, 

[00:12:02] Cami Langston: that’s interesting. So 

[00:12:04] Lemon Price: like my first business coach, it was like I paid her five grand up.

Paid her in full. And then I got in and I was like, I don’t actually, like there was things I didn’t completely jive with, but I was like, the money’s already gone, mean? I’ve already spent it, and so I didn’t feel that Pain of having to 

[00:12:20] Cami Langston: pay for it time too. Yeah, that’s a really good insight plan.

And so I prefer plan. I’ve never thought about that plan. I’ve never thought about that, but I think that’s true and I, I tend to pay in full just because you get, normally you get like a discount or whatever for paying in full or there’s extra bonuses or something. But that’s true.

When I think about, there has been a handful of times where I’ve done a payment plan and it. It hurts a little bit more. Just because, and you’re like seeing it every month and so it is just that incentive to stay involved. That’s that’s good insight. 

[00:12:52] Lemon Price: It’s so weird. My husband like laughs at me.

He’s you can pay for this info. I’m like, I could, or I have to look at it on I’m like, so old school, I like an Excel spreadsheet with like money coming in and money going out and everything to track all of our finances. Nice. And so I’m like, it hurts a little bit when I see I have this payment on there for $200 a.

[00:13:11] Cami Langston: Yeah. And just a reminder. Yeah. A reminder that oh yeah, that’s there. I should be doing something with that. 

[00:13:17] Lemon Price: Yeah. I feel like that I have like memberships, right? Where they’re like, you can pay in full for the year, but then I’ll get the, I’ll get the receipt email from them, and I’m like, I literally did not log into this once this month.

I better go do that right now. It’s so weird. That makes, maybe it’s just 

[00:13:31] Cami Langston: me. Maybe it’s like a no. Yeah. But I think I, it makes sense. It makes sense. Oh, I like. I love 

[00:13:40] Lemon Price: it. Like I’m like telling on myself. So if I’ve ever paid for your program in full, just know I probably did not complete it.

To be completely honest, like just know probably did not do that. At all. And so I just love, I love like the mission that you have here. Who are you like working with specifically 

[00:13:58] Cami Langston: in your business? Yeah My, my ideal person, right? Who I jive with the most. And if I could pick anybody, and who my best success stories have been, are moms that are stay-at-home moms that just know that they have something.

Inside of them, they love being a mom. That’s the most important thing for them. That’s where the majority of their time is going. They want to continue that, right? They’re not looking to build a business so that they can put their kids in daycare. Like they’re looking for something that one gives them.

Just a sense of purpose outside of motherhood. Something for themselves, something that gives them something to think about and dream about. While they’re doing the mundane things of motherhood. Something that uses their skills, right? Because I think a lot of times when you leave your job then to stay home, you can really miss just that Feeling of accomplishment.

There’s something too, having a to-do list, and projects that you’re working on and when you all of a sudden don’t have that, and it’s just the same thing every day of changing diapers and doing dishes and all of those things like. It, you don’t feel quite as productive, even though it is very productive.

It is very important and it is, but you don’t feel it as much, yeah. So just the mom that’s looking for something, right? Something outside of motherhood. Something that will provide some extra income, whether that be $500 a month so that they can. Pay for their kids’ gymnastics or, private school or something like that, or whether it’s, they really do want to build a million dollar business.

Either way it all starts the same. It’s obviously up to you whether you want to keep going and market more and, grow it, or whether you just wanna spend a few hours on it every week and make a little extra money. Yeah. That’s who I’m driving with.

[00:16:07] Lemon Price: I love what you just said because I’ve read a book last year and it was talking about just like this wave of feminism and how it changed the way women operate. And it was talking about like women before, like the second wave of feminism, right? Because of the first wave, like 18 hundreds ish.

Sure. So like before the second wave in the sixties, women ha it was really fulfilling because they. If they didn’t live in a city, they’re farming, they’re making clothes. Like they, it was way more than just were washing dishes and like making dinner. And so ev it was really interesting, they were just talking about how women before the sixties felt so fulfilled in their role because they were still working.

It may not have been outside the home, but they were still working. And so I really love that we’ve come full circle in. Now I don’t have to leave my house and can still provide for my family, and I feel really fulfilled. Like I’m still doing all of the norm like homemaker things, right?

Like I literally just pulled like a loaf of sourdough bread out this morning. I love it from the oven. But then, like I’m here recording the podcast, but like the laundry is going and so we, I feel like this sort of gives women be like the best of both worlds. Yeah. And like I love that you talked about giving them a sense of.

[00:17:24] Cami Langston: Yeah. Yeah. I think it’s just, I don’t know. It’s so exciting to me like that we do live in the time we do. I know, I feel like the internet and social media and all that gets such a bad rap, especially in the Christian realm of, oh, what it’s doing to our children and, all this stuff.

But of course there’s dangers and bad things you. And everything. There has to be balance and everything, but I just view it as such an opportunity, like just, it’s so cool that we have the ability to, like you said, be with our kids, take care of our home, be present and then also, Do something that lights us up and provides for our family and allows us to connect with other people.

Because I think too especially, nowadays motherhood can be really isolating and. That didn’t used to be the case, right? Like people were more in those quote unquote villages, right? That they say like it takes a village. And I feel like a lot of people are like where’s my village?

And because we’re not in that’s not how our society is set up anymore. And so I think a lot of times, like becoming a stay-at-home mom can just be very isolating if you aren’t purposeful about. Going out and doing other things and one way I feel like that you can do that is by being in the online community and connecting and, there’s so many people that I’ve connected with that I would never have connected with, if I wasn’t in this whole online space and they become friends like legit friends, we might not see each other in person. But we’re still friends and we. Talk, like often. And so I don’t know. I just think that there’s so many benefits.

Like it’s not just, oh, I need to make some extra money. I think there’s so many things just on a personal level too, that it 

[00:19:28] Lemon Price: affects. I love that you said that because I think my husband like laughs at me all the time cuz I have people that I’ve been friends with for On social media and stuff.

And like some of them I’ve met in person, some I haven’t and that’s totally fine. But even this morning, I just saw, like one of my friends that I met through business, she used to be my coach she’s in my neck of the woods. Like she posted something in like downtown Savannah and I was like, But didn’t say that’s where she was.

But I recognized that. I was like, girl, are you in my neck of the woods? She’s I am. Like for a week. I’m like, okay let’s get together. Yeah. And it’s so cool to, I actually had a really funny experience happen the other day. I had somebody message me, she was so sweet. She was like, Hey, can you check out this VSL for me and everything?

Can I get like your, feedback on it? And when somebody messages you, it tells you like their location. And I was. Do you live in like my town in Houston? Yeah. We just moved here like a few months. And then she, this is the weirdest thing. She was like, wait a minute. Don’t we go to church together?

Didn’t your husband, oh my gosh, just lead like the closing prayer at church? And I was like, yeah. I’m like, hold on. And I like look at her pictures. I’m like, wait a minute, your husband just gave this talk on this very thing that God has been like pressing into me and I had my husband be a weirdo and go ask your husband for this talk.

That’s so cool. And now we like hang out on a regular basis, but I’m like, it is so cool to see the way the online community can become. Actual community. Too, and my husband and I’m like, if I ever had a wedding, I would probably invite these people that I’ve met Yeah. Online to be my bridesmaids or so something.

Because I’m closer with them than I am with like my community growing up. Because, they’re not in the entrepreneur. I grew up in a small town. They’re not entrepreneurial in nature, and so a lot of them do not understand what I’m doing. Which makes it even more 

[00:21:13] Cami Langston: isolating.

Yeah, for sure. For sure. You have to once you do start to get into this world, it’s I don’t even feel like my husband really gets it. It’s just a, it’s a whole different world, but so you do, you have to make sure that you are making those connections because you’ll feel crazy if you’re doing it by yourself.

[00:21:31] Lemon Price: Yes. I love that. Yeah. There’s so many times, like my girlfriends will call me in the middle of the day cuz they’re a stay-at-home mom. And they’re like, what are you doing? I’m like, oh, I’m like updating my sales funnel. I’m like doing this, I’m doing that. And they’re like, cool. I’m like watching Bluey with my child.

And I’m like, okay, that’s fine. And I’m like, oh, I just have this deadline that I’m trying to accomplish. And they’re like, don’t you work for yourself? What? What is this deadline that you’re stressed about? I’m like yeah. It is self-imposed, right? But I like have to. Be disciplined myself in order to make that happen. And yeah. It’s been so important for me, and I know for you and for anybody else listening to have a community who actually understands what it is that you’re doing. Yeah. And trying to accomplish and hold you accountable to the things that you wanna accomplish.

[00:22:13] Cami Langston: Yeah, for sure. I love it so 

[00:22:16] Lemon Price: much. I love this. Okay. Tell them about the other membership that you have and what else you’ve got going on. Yeah. Yes. I want everybody to come work with 

[00:22:24] Cami Langston: you. Okay. Yeah. If, for the whole online business thing, you know what what I do is help moms, like I said, take something they’re passionate about, something they’re good at.

Figure out how we can package it up into, either a course or a membership or group coaching or, whatever that looks like. And then do that beta launch. Yeah, if you’re interested in that, that’s my jam. So I actually, and even have a training that goes more into depth on that, on my mom start method which is, walking through what I do.

So you can check that out. If you go to cami, that’s where all my links are, and you’ll see the link to the training. But then on the other side of things yeah. My business, print, pray Love. So I have a membership that sends a text every day with something specific to pray for your kiddos.

So every month is a different theme that we focus on. It’s super, short and just a little prayer just to make sure that we are intentionally praying for our kids. I was so blessed to have parents that. Started praying for me before I was even born. And then all through growing up, and even now, and even praying specific things, like for my future spouse and for career and for just health and, all of the different specific things.

And my life has not been perfect by any means, but I really do attribute a lot of. Just the blessings in my life to the fact that my parents, they prayed for it. Like my life has been an answered prayer to theirs, to their prayers. I even had, it was like one of the best compliments My sister and I, mainly my sister leads like a mom’s group.

Just that we get together every week. And this is a little side tip. If you are feeling lonely and need that community, and you’re like, where is my village? Maybe you should start it. Just open your home. I know that’s hard. I know that’s hard, but, once a week and just start inviting all of the moms that you meet and see who shows.

You just hang out, have coffee and do life together. That was a huge huge thing for me. My sister had it passed down from someone else that was moving outta state that had really started it. And we would just get together every week, bring our kids, the kids play. We sit and drink coffee and chat, but that’s huge.

But anyways. We were all together for a monthly mom’s night out dinner with that group. And so my sister and I were both there and then with our, friends and one of the other moms just said, I can just tell that your parents prayed for you. Like to my sister and I, to my sister and I, she’s your lies like, you can just tell that your lives have been covered in prayer.

And it was just like, whoa. Such I don’t know, it was just like one of the biggest compliments. It’s not even something I did, but it was just so neat to hear that because it’s so true. It’s so true. There’s something beyond just I prayed it, I’m praying it so that it gets answered.

I think my heart is that prayer changes you, right? So like when you’re praying for your kids every day, it’s not necessarily about I’m doing this so that all of these will become true. Although that, That’s what we’re hoping, right? And prayer does change things like does change outcomes, but more than anything, it changes your posture, your perspective.

It’s bringing you into alignment with God’s perspective, right? And so when you are praying for your kids every day, you are continually putting that God’s perspective of your kids. In your mind every day. And so then those worries. As a mom, I’m not an anxious person. I never really have been like, struggled with anxiety.

I know a lot of women do and but that just has never really been one of my struggles. But when I became a mom what little anxiety I had before quadrupled 10 time, it was all of a sudden oh my gosh. Just like the stupidest things. Like what if I don’t know. What if my kid wakes up in the middle of the night and open, opens a door and runs out on the street?

You know what I mean? You just think of all of the worst case scenarios, right? And you start worrying about the stupidest things and. I think the biggest way to combat that is prayer. Right now, like the membership actually is called Village four six based on Philippians four six, which is don’t be anxious about anything, but by everything, like prayer and supplication, I’m, this is paraphrasing but basically saying, don’t worry about, Pray about things.

And so that’s just my heart with it, is instead of worrying about all of these different areas of our life or all of our kids’ lives, let’s start praying about it. One month we focus on like their relationships, right? And praying about future spouse and praying about sexuality. And one month we’re talking about.

Their, I’m trying to think of all of the different things, like their health specifically, let’s pray about their mental health. Let’s pray off anxiety. Let’s pray off like depression, and just just praying for all of those things instead of worrying about them. And like I said, I feel like when we every day are.

Starting with that, it goes out at 7:00 AM my time, central time. In the morning and just starting your day with something praying about it for your kids, it just puts it into perspective of okay, I’m not in control. Yes, I want to be the best mom I can and we have to take practical steps to do that and we have to, build skills for that.

But ultimately, God’s in control. There’s nothing God can’t redeem. And I’m not going to by myself raise a wonderful human being that loves Jesus and is kind and successful. There’s things I can do that will hopefully maybe help, I don’t know. But ultimately, that’s not in my hands, right?

Like God’s in charge. Yeah, that’s the heart behind it. That was a long answer, but yeah, so that’s my other membership that I have going on. 

[00:29:14] Lemon Price: Y’all. I would 10 outta 10 recommend you go check it out. Did you just hear the passion in this woman’s voice talking about it and what a beautiful compliment?

Yeah, what a beautiful compliment. I. One day somebody says that to my boys. And that exactly, they feel that’s just, ugh, that like got me in the mom fields. I’m like, what a beautiful testament. I’m just, yeah. I’m just so inspired by what it is that you’re doing and these two sort of missions that you have.

Yeah. And I just, I love it so much. Thanks. Thanks. Just so guys, I will drop all of her links in the show notes for you. Please go connect with her. Like just go and do it. Your kids need. You deserve it. Go connect with her. So thank you so much.

[00:29:57] Cami Langston: Yeah. Thank you so much for having me.

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