3 Things I Learned from my Son’s Baptism

3 Things I Learned from my Son’s Baptism

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This past month we got to celebrate our son’s baptism at Southbridge Community Church  It’s funny because I learned a lot during his baptism when, as parents, we’re supposed to be teaching him. Maybe that’s really the first thing I learned. We’re never too old to learn, and the teacher can never be too young. It was Oliver was surrounded by his church family. The amazing people stepped in with Wyatt when I needed to help Oliver since Glenn was performing on stage. It truly was this beautiful moment from a variety of standpoints. 

Oliver’s been discussing baptism about a year now since Glenn was baptized last year. We really wanted to be sure he knew what he was doing and professing before deciding. 

While we were teaching him though, I learned a lot. Here’s what Oliver’s baptism taught me. 

3 things I learned from my son's baptism

We thought about and even attempted to have him baptized the end of last school year before our trip to Texas. We met at that church, and during initial discussions thought it would be best. The timing never aligned and Glenn and I are glad it didn’t. We spent the summer visiting family in Texas and visited other churches. We tested the waters so to speak with other churches here in Georgia as well. We saw how others did baptism and it all honestly felt impersonal.

Oliver’s baptism took place at the church where Glenn and I are covenant members. We aren’t going anywhere soon. Oliver’s baptism at this church truly felt right.

He was not only more mature in his decision but we baptized him in the place where his dad and I have planted roots. He’ll get to be nurtured and loved on in one place for a long time and that brings me joy.

I know God had His hand on that moment and guided us to the right place at the right time. It was all good and for His purpose. 

God’s timing is always good 

No one is too young to teach and inspire

Oliver’s baptism was personal and all about him. He was surrounded by people who love him and had a hand in his love of Christ. But Oliver inspired others.

Oliver’s baptism was two weeks ago, and this past Sunday, a college student was baptized. She said she felt inspired by our little first grader.

We’ve also been told that Oliver got up in front of his classmates and spoke to them about his baptism. A friend told us he looked like a Pastor, which is incredible since that’s been Oliver’s dream for almost two years now.

I really learned that no matter how old you are, you really can inspire and encourage. I truly admire my son’s faith and passion. It’s been inspiring to say the least.

It’s a missionary moment that keeps on giving

he's ready for baptism

In Matthew 28:16-20, we are given The Great Commission. We’re supposed to go out into the world and make disciples. Sometimes it’s hard to have that conversion about Jesus. You aren’t sure how someone will take it and we’re always afraid of offending someone these days.

There’s something really special about your child’s baptism because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event that happens in your family and sharing that moment is special. People are less offended when you mention it.

We’ve had so many conversations with people who are believers and non-believers about his baptism and his passions in life. It’s an opportunity to talk about what Jesus has done for him personally to make him want to follow Jesus. It’s really special to watch him explain with child-like terms (sin=the bad stuff) to people. It’s easier for them to “get it” when a child explains it.

He’s taken the opportunity to talk to his fellow first graders and teachers.

Everyone has the opportunity to be a missionary and make disciples. No one is too old or young to go out and share the gospel. You don’t have to travel to another nation to share the love of Christ with people. You can talk to your coworkers and fulfill that commission. 

When we share with sincerity the amazing things God is doing in our lives and maintain that child-like faith and innocence, we can really make an impact. I know Oliver is through is testimony. 

Looking Ahead

I am so thankful for Oliver and his deep love of Christ. He is just on fire and it’s our job to continue to nurture that so he can fulfill the purpose God has for him. Start talking to your children, friends, coworkers and even strangers on the street about the goodness of God because you truly never know who you will inspire. Trust me, God will place the right people in front of you at the right time. 

You can check out some of my favorite resources for helping your child deepen their faith and relationship with Christ here.




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