Top 7 Christian Mom Approved Movies

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If you’re anything like me, if feels like the kids are never in school between summer break, fall break, Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, spring break and the many random three-day weekends. I can only do so much before I need to throw a solid movie to give myself 90 minutes of quiet time. My kids are also obsessed with throwing a family friendly movie on after Church on Sunday’s since during the school year I don’t do post-church naps. #earlybedforeveryone

In the interest of needing some semblance of sanity saving measures in your toolbox and family friendly activities, I put together a list of Christian Mom approved movies your family will love. I personally didn’t recommend a movie that we haven’t watched. There’s a lot we could list that the internet says are awesome but I stuck to what we’ve seen and loved. These are movies we have seen multiple times because they’ve been a crowd favorite.

7 Christian Mom Approved Movies

The Star

Okay, my kids love this movie. This is the nativity story told through some adorable animals. For a Christian movie, it has some big names in it like Kelly Clarkson, Patricia Heaton, Kristin Chenoweth, Tyler Perry and Oprah. We experience the birth of the Savior through the animals like the donkey. It’s a super cute movie that I know your kids will love.

It really provides a great way to have a different conversation about the birth of the Savior. This movie gives an angle most nativity stories don’t take aka one from the animals perspective so enjoy a fun conversation with your kids on this one!

The Lion of Judah

Since I’m sticking with an animal theme here, let’s go to this one. This movie my kids are also obsessed with. This movie is about Easter also told through animals. During Jesus’ crucifixion, a lamb named Judah is also set to be sacrificed. Judah’s friends spend the duration of the movie trying to save Judah.

This movie really had my children focused. The writers knew what they were doing because it kept them on the edge of their seat the whole time and well my kids are 6 and 7 so they don’t sit still for long. I give this one 10/10.

Joseph: King of Dreams

This is a classic from the Old Testament. I am personally a huge fan the Old Testament. I don’t think as a whole we spend enough time there so I love this movie. This movie is the prequel to The Prince of Egypt. While there are a few minor details that differ from the story is the same. I think that DreamWorks did a pretty good great job.

This movie makes it easy to talk about how everything points to God and how Joseph remained faithful through adversity. You’ll be glad you added this to your list.

The Prince of Egypt

Now, we had to add this to the list seeing as it’s a continuation of the Old Testament story from the last movie. This movie goes all the way from the Hebrew people praying for deliverance all the way to Moses getting the ten commandments.

What I love about this movie is that DreamWorks really put a lot of effort into it. One thing that stood out was not using this looming and booming voice for God. They used an everyday voice in Moses’ had in his head. I love that. I don’t know about you but God has never really yelled at me from the sky about what to do. It’s a still small whisper and it’s a thought I have so I really appreciate that approach in this movie.

Letters to God

Warning now my son sobbed after watching this movie. This is the first time he watched a movie and he felt the emotion of it afterward. This story is based on a true story while some parts are fictionalized, be aware of that going in.

This movie is about a child with cancer who writes letters to God and a mailman with his own sad story. As you can imagine, the two get close and we watch our young friend deal cancer and see his faith transform our mailman. Spoiler alert: the child does succumb to cancer so if you watch this with your child please be aware to have a conversation in case your child reacts like mine did.

It was really a beautiful movie because I had an honest conversation about how important it is to have faith even when facing tough time. Like I said, my sons are 6 and 7 and we had a real honest conversation about how life isn’t always perfect and God doesn’t always heal us but how God can use sad things to change lives. This is a tough one but definitely high on the Christian mom approved movies list!

Once I was a Beehive

From my Mormon years, I loved Girls Camp and this movie really summed up what it’s like to go to girl’s camp. In this movie, a girl suffers from the loss of her father and her mother remarries a year later to a member of the LDS church. She attends camp with her new cousin and learns to embrace their religious differences.

What I like about this movie is that even though you may not agree with LDS ideology it really teaches you how to embrace those who believe something differently from you. This girl learns they aren’t much different and becomes friends with the girls. It’s a really great movie considering the times we live in now.

Heaven is For Real

I loved this movie. This is the true story of a little boy who experiences Heaven after a near-death experience. People begin to turn on the family as they share the experience.

What I love abbot this movie is that the experience is told from a child. Our kids can see that you’re never too young to talk about Jesus and share the truth. This is something we’re encouraging with our kids now. We want them to explain things to us so they can encourage and be a light to others.

I also love that we can have a discussion about how the world won’t always be kind when you’re sharing the truth. It’s something we’ve been preparing our kids for as they’ve faced adversity at school for being Christians.

While I can list a dozen more movies this is a great list to get you started. I also recommend you check out PureFlix. It’s Christian Netflix so you’ll always find something family approved on there! If you check them out using this link, you’ll get a free trial of PureFlix so there’s no risk for trying it out. A lot of the movies listed above are on PureFlix and Amazon Prime.

I’d love for you to drop some movie recommendations below.We can all benefit from more Christian Mom approved movies on this list so comment your favorites below!

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