Rediscovering Resilience: A Woman’s Transformative Trek Across America with Barbara Jenkins

Y’all, it’s the season of authors, and today I am beyond excited to introduce you to an extraordinary woman, Barbara Jenkins. Her ourney across the entire United States, chronicled in her famous book, captured the hearts of millions. Now, she is back with another gripping memoir, sharing her side of the story and how it transformed her relationship with the Lord. Join me as we dive into Barbara’s powerful narrative of faith, adventure, and resilience

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The Walk Across America: A Life-Changing Decision

Her story begins with a fateful encounter during her time at a seminary in New Orleans. In her mid-twenties, she met Peter Jenkins, a vagabond-like figure who had recently completed a challenging walk from upstate New York to New Orleans. Intrigued by his journey, Barbara embarked on a romance that eventually led to a life-altering decision.

When God Calls, The Journey Begins

Just like in the biblical story of Abraham and Isaac, she found herself at a crossroads. In church one day, a sermon resonated deeply within her soul, asking the question, “Will You Go With This Man?” This divine tap on the shoulder became the pivotal moment that propelled Barbara to embark on a courageous three-year, 3000-mile walk across America.

Challenges and Triumphs Along the Way

Her journey was far from easy. Along the way, she faced numerous trials, from being attacked by outlaws in the lawless regions of Colorado to surviving lightning strikes in the Texas desert. However, through every danger and struggle, Barbara experienced the hand of God protecting and guiding her. This incredible adventure taught her the power of walking by faith, taking one step at a time, and not rushing ahead.

The Impact of the Journey on Barbara’s Faith

Walking across America allowed her to experience profound spiritual growth. One of the key lessons she learned was that following God’s calling often involves giving up control and embracing uncertainty. Her faith blossomed as she witnessed firsthand the miracles and provisions that accompanied her journey. Her trust in God deepened, and she found the courage to face her fears head-on.

So Long As It’s Wild: A Memoir of Triumph and Defeat

Barbara’s new book, “So Long As It’s Wild,” recounts her extraordinary life journey from a poor hillbilly girl in the Ozarks to a woman shaped by adventure and challenges. The memoir has already gained widespread acclaim, with readers describing it as a page-turner filled with twists, turns, and high drama. She shares her lowest lows and highest highs, highlighting the resilience of the human spirit and the power of redemption.

Barbara Jenkins’ remarkable story serves as an inspiration for anyone feeling called to something greater. Her journey demonstrates the importance of faith, courage, and perseverance when stepping into the unknown. Just as Jenkins sought a sign from the Lord, her obedience transformed her life and led her to the extraordinary path she walks today. So, my friend, I encourage you to seek the Lord for your own next step. Ask for a sign that you cannot miss and believe that He will equip you for the journey ahead.

Follow Barbara’s captivating adventures by visiting her website,, or following her on Instagram @BarbaraJenkinsWriter. And remember, the road to discovering God’s call for you doesn’t have to be walked alone.

Join me again next time as we delve deeper into the depths of leadership and the heights of our heavenly calling. God bless you, and until then, keep seeking, keep growing, and keep trusting in His plan.

Grab Barbara’s Book

Be sure to snag a copy of Barbara’s book here

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