Meet Lemon

Lemon Price is a powerhouse entrepreneur, an inspiring mentor to Christian women, and most of all – a wife, step-mom of two boys & dog mom. With her Master’s in Marketing & Journalism under her belt plus years creating 8-figure sales campaigns for top brands she knows just how hard it can be juggling the demands at work with those at home.

That’s why Lemon decided that God had called on her to do something different; so now strives to support other faith-filled ladies as they pursue their own marketplace ministry dreams – because everyone deserves the chance to follow their heart no matter what stage of life one may find themselves in!


Things you may not know

I personally love all things Food Network and HGTV. I may have an unhealthy obsession with Sister Wives, I find it so fascinating #TeamChristine

For the longest time, the boys thought I rescued dogs for a living because I am always coming home with a stray pup.

I am super passionate about making food slow again. I try to make everything from scratch and have big dreams of starting my own homestead.

I grew up in an Anti-Christian household. Christianity was discouraged in my home and so that’s why I am so passionate about the work I do and the community I belong to.

The Community