Making Easter Special & Faith-Focused During Covid-19

Making Easter Special& Faith-Focused During Covid-19

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While churches everywhere are going digital due to the pandemic, some people are left wondering what they’ll do to make Easter memorable and full of faith. While I love doing church at home, there’s something unique about being around a group of other believers. So how do we bring the uniqueness of that experience to our home? 

Glad you asked! 

Here are a few of my favorite resources and tips for making this Easter super special.

Easter egg hunt at home with Jesus as the focus

We did this last year with the kids and they loved it! We took plastic eggs and filled them with different objects that tell the story of the Resurrection.

Here’s a breakdown of the scriptures we’ll be using and what goes inside each egg.

Egg 1: Cotton ball dipped in perfume for when Mary washed Jesus’ feet with perfume. John 12:3

Egg 2: Coins to symbolize when Judas sold out Jesus. Matthew 26: 14-15

Egg 3: Purple cloth for when the guards mocked Jesus. Matthew 27:28

Egg 4: Thorns from our flowers for when a crown of thorns was placed on Jesus’ head. John 19:2

Egg 5: Leather shoelace for when Jesus was beaten. Mark 15:15

Egg 6: A cross for when Jesus was forced to carry his own cross. John 19:17

Egg 7: Nail for when Jesus was nailed to the cross. John 19:18, 37

Egg 8: Dice for the soldiers who gambled to determine who would get Jesus’ clothes. Matthew 27: 35-37

Egg 9: Toothpick for the spear used to pierce Jesus’ side. John 19:33-34

Egg 10: Linen or gauze for when Jesus was wrapped in clean linen before being placed in the tomb. Matthew 27: 57-61

Egg 11: A rock for the stone was that placed in front of Jesus’ tomb that was rolled away by an angel. Matthew 28:2

Egg 12: is empty because the tomb was empty! Matthew 28:5-6

Movies are your friend

PureFlix is my favorite place because it’s Christian Netflix. There are dozens of movies about Jesus and Easter available. This is a great way to keep the kids engaged and discuss what Easter means in a way they can understand. PureFlix currently has a section on their homepage just for Easter Favorites so you won’t need to search far for what you need.

Study the Scriptures

Sounds silly but make your Bible study in the next two weeks about the Resurrection. Here’s a list of scriptures all about Easter. You can build your own family study based on some of these!

Turn to Church

Turn on your church’s livestream or hang with mine. There’s also an abundance of Easter resources from Open Network and Life Church. Our kids currently do their Bible study at home guided by Life Church. The videos are available on YouTube and there are tons of worksheets, coloring pages, etc. to accompany them. The videos are incredibly engaging as they learn a scripture, have music and worship time, watch a Bible story, and more! In the last two weeks, my children have memorized two verses so it definitely works!

This will be a special Easter even though there are no brunches, Easter bunny, Easter dresses and in-person church services. What’s special is that we celebrate what Jesus did for us. If we can help convey that to our children, we’ve done our job!

So tell me in the comments how you will make Easter special for the family this year.

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